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Operation Just Cause Update V1.7 Map Creator: joselz

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Operation Just Cause Update V1.7 Map Creator: joselz

Post by LoneWolf on Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:12 am

Operation Just Cause Update V1.7">

Map Description:

V 1.7- Reduce Loading screen quality, Fix more events, add somes Quake effect, fix the somes little problem with the Strafe run.
*"Updated on August 7, 2004 After 268 Downloads"* (300K)

V 1.6- Add original Loading screen, Delete the text file for the .BIN file, Fix more events/mispell.
*"Updated on August 2, 2004"* Not Aviable at dfbarracks.com (315k)

V 1.5- add more decorations, And fix somes events and misspell of the text message, Reduce Loading screen quality.
*"Updated on 11:15 Atlantic time, After 52 Downloads."* (300k)

V 1.0- Original release "Jul 30, 2004"

***_Operation Just Cause_***

December 20, 1989, 0100 local time.
Panama City, Panama

Operation Just Cause was the U.S. military invasion of Panama which deposed Manuel
Noriega in December 1989, during the administration of U.S. President George H. W. Bush.
Just Cause D-Day and H-Hour was December 20, 1989, 0100 local time. Following over a year of diplomatic tension between the United States and Panama and several months of U.S. troop buildup in military bases within the canal zone, involving twenty-four thousand U.S. troops and over three hundred aircraft, including the F-117A stealth aircraft used for the first time in combat. These forces were deployed against the sixteen thousand members of the Panama Defense Force. The command and control structure of the Panamanian Defense Force was quickly destroyed; senior officers were killed or captured and in some instances, officers abandoned their command. The attack touched off several fires one of which destroyed much of the Chorillo neighborhood, adjacent to the headquarters of the Panamania Defense Forces, located in downtown Panama City.

Military operations continued for several days targeting decentralized resistance by isolated PDF units, attempting to restore law and order and searching for Noriega. Noriega turned up in the Vatican Diplomatic Mission and eventually surrendered.

Today "Manuel Noriega" will be meeting With "Fidel Castro" and "Hugo Chaves" in a Hotel.

Today will be our uniqe chance to Capture these guys, ...

Capture The 3 communistas.

Chalks and helos will probide support outside the building as Delta team Infiltrates the building.

All Units will be inserted via helos, and extacted by vehicle convoy.

Your Task:

General: Delta 5-1, You will be inserted with Chalk 1 at the northwest corner of the Target. Mnay of the memebrs of this Chalk are rookies in their first action. Be prepared to assist as required.

If any of the Chalks come under heavy fire, they will call you by radio. You must get to them to assist.

Also Whisky 3, Romeo 3 and 9 will be providing air support for you.

After Delta Team 5-1 gives the Green Light, Uniform 6-4 will head to the TG(Target Building) to extract all Units, and Super 6-1 will provide sniper support for extraction.

You should be extracted within 20 minutes of insertion. If you stay down there more than 20 Minutes you could be in Big Trouble. PDF forces will have enough time to execute a strong counter attack against you. Good Luck 5-1

Assault Forces:
Chalk 1: Victor One
Chalk 2: Victor two
Chalk 3: Victor three
Chalk 4: Victor four

Delta Team:
Delta 5-1
Kilo 1-1

Air support:
2 AH-6 Little Bird (160 SOAR)
Romeo 9.
Romeo 3.

2 MH-60 Black Hawk
Whiskey 3
Super 6-1 (will provide sniper support for extraction)

Ground Vehicle Support:
1 Convoy
Uniform 6-4

Expected Enemy strength:
PDF's with AK's, RPG's, Technical's
Expect heavy resistance from troops on the ground and rooftops.

Thanks to:
7>Snake and all that answer my qustion in the forums Smile
Don't forget to read the Text file, and add the /d.
An intensive and realistic UrbanWarfare map, with good decoration, and look like an Irene map.
Enjoy it.

**Give coments**
Any coments or rating are welcome

Download Here

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